Mannki Clinic

Mental health record for clinicians

Mannki team has been hard at work in its vision of supplementing diagnosis and treatment of mental health using objective markers. We are happy to announce that we have reached a significant milestone in that direction. With over 1000 users, we are now offering Mannki Clinic to clinicians who have their patients on Mannki app. The process is simple- you can sign up on this link and we would plan a demo with you! You have all the insights you always wanted on your patients behavior and situation. Or you can just contact us and we would plan a demo with you.

See below a few visuals summaries that Mannki Clinic offers.

30 day summary of emotions, reasons and intensity

You get a complete picture of what is driving a positive or negative mood for your patient. Is it their relationship with family, friends, their health, bad sleep or some other reason? For example, in this view for a young patient, it is evident that the patient feels 'tired' on most days and it is associated with work, school and bad sleep.

Digital phenotype on 5 behavioural markers

You understand their behaviour day on day using our 5 pointer digital phenotype that includes sleep and meals amongst other things. The best part is that the record keeps building up over time so you know detailed history to base your treatment decisions. You can see these markers for last 14 days or 30 days on Mannki Clinic. For example, in the web chart on left you see for that Patient A had relatively stable behavioural markers over the last 2 weeks, when compared to last 2 months. In comparison, Patient B had a decline in the behavioural markers. It can also be seen that Patient B has in general, poorer well-being state than Patient A, based on this digital phenotype.

Patient A looks relatively stable

Patient B shows decline

Wellness score is computed using historical mood scores, clinical scales/passive sensing inputs

You get an overview of mental wellness status for all your patients. We compute a wellness score varying from green to red like a chart below. This view is perfect to get early warning signals. Patients in red or dark yellow zone are likely to need a follow-up or an intervention.

What experts think about this..

We are glad to share some snippets of our feedback sessions with Psychiatrists and Psychologists as they share how can this be useful in everyday clinical practice. Thanks a lot to these experts for leading this future-frontier. Chinmay Kulkarni, Dr. Dhruv Thakkar, Jateen Ukrani, Kiran Makhijani, Lakshmi S, Dr. Manu Sharma, NEERAJ RAJ B, Dr Satish Ramaiah, Dr.Ravichandra Karkal, Dr Avinash De Sousa, Roshan Bhad, Ankita Garg, Sandeepa Kaur, and many others who are not in this video but provided valuable feedback to us - Thanks for your kind words and guidance. The potential that you see keeps us motivated in our journey of making mental health assessments more objective.

Mannki is digital phenotyping platform

Mannki is a mental health app available in the google play store for android phones. We at Mannki are trying to improve the screening and diagnosis of mental health in India by continuously tracking the user's mental wellness journey. As with other apps, there are concerns related to informational privacy and data security (Maher et al., 2019), we at Mannki take privacy issues seriously which ensures that there is no data leakage. The app uses clinician-recommended diagnostic tests alongside passive sensing through a user's smartphone to help them understand their mental health better.

Mannki aims to overcome many of the challenges like imprecise user inputs, lack of diagnostic markers, stigma, and poor access. We are trying to bring transparency and care for undiagnosed problems with precise and measurable inputs.

Join us and support us in improving our model. Write to us at