Mannki Meter®

Your mental wellness score

MannkiMeter® Score is based on many passive sensing inputs that we get from your smartphones and wearables. It is representative of various markers that connect to your mental wellbeing.

It is calculated continuously by using a proprietary algorithm that considers the amount of physical activity, social activity, device activity, diet and sleep. It is developed by a team of clinicians and data scientists.

MannkiMeter® measures the combined impact of behavioural markers such as physical activities, social activity, sleep on long-term mental health. This provides a single indicator of the goodness of your mental health.

MannkiMeter® is your mental health monitor and guide to a better state.

Know the risks!

Maintaining consistently a score of 80+ indicates a good score of various mental health markers, which also indicates lower risk of developing mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Scoring consistently below 50 indicates a poor mental health, which will pose significant health risks and could lead to the onset or relapse of a mental health disorder. This can manifest into a physical illness as well.

An MannkiMeter® score of 60 or greater is ideal. A score in the healthy zone can be consistently achieved with the right amounts of physical activity, social activity, digital activity and sleep.

Recognise the benefits of your daily choices!