Objective Markers

4 Simple steps to help you beat mental health problems

Continuous inputs from your smartphone and wearables linked to digital biomarkers

State of the art algorithms find patterns correlating to mental health problems

Highlight drivers for potential mental health issues and proven self-help methods

Get support & care from expert community, share progress with loved ones

Continuous Inputs

Our app runs in the background of your smartphone and gathers essential inputs (how is your mood? how have you eaten? are you following your routine?) so that early onset of any mental health issue can be detected.

Pattern Recognition

What if we can detect symptoms getting worse? What if we can predict it? Our predictive algorithms make this possible and they continuously learn from your inputs, inputs of many other users and inputs of the expert clinicians. We aim to provide the best diagnosis at your finger tips.


We provide real time recommendations to help you improve your mental wellness. Our app has a catalogue of proven methods and activities (such as gratitude journal) that are great tools for self-care. Daily notifications keep you on-track and ensures that your mental well-being is on top of your monkey mind.

Care Management

When you need expert care we have right channels for it : on-demand access to behavioral health coaching, community support, video therapy, video psychiatry and clinically-validated content - everything at your finger tips.