Recharge you inner hero

You might have come here because covid period has pushed you against the walls, or generally you are overwhelmed by work and life. Don't worry! You are super-strong and have been the Hero that you need.

This Hero just needs a quick refreshment to recharge the superpowers. You need to make
your mental wellbeing top most priority. Our quick guide is written with help from clinical psychologists and backed by our personal experiences.

The activities take 5-10 minutes each day. The activities are additive so you can do the activity for Day 1 and Day 2 on Day 3 as well, the time involved in past activities reduces substantially as days go by.

So, let's get you plugged-in

Day 1 : Small Beginnings

Find a nice diary, draw something which marks start of this journey. We forget things and that makes matters worse - let's start logging some events

Treat yourself with something delicious, you deserve it. Write how it felt.
That's all for today!

Day 2 : Make a Buddy

Share this plan with someone very close to you, bring them onboard

Have a meal with them and talk heart-to-heart about what's going on

Ask your buddy if he / she also would like to start on such a journey! That's all!

Day 3 : Your Blessings

Let's start with a gratitude journal.

Mark a page as 'I am thankful for' and write at least 3 things. Remember a really good day or event and write about it as well.

That's it! and yes, don't forget to speak to your buddy today

Day 4 : Embrace the Past

Pick up you photo album, look at the pictures from big moments in life (e.g. wedding, birthdays). Let the emotions come to surface. Experience them.

Think of an old lost friend, cousin or family member, talk to them. Also remember to add to your gratitude journal, that's all for today!

DAY 5 : Build your Strengths

We all have our strong points - some are great talkers, some great listeners, some are good thinkers. So what is your best part? Think of some time when people praised you or there was a positive feeling when you did something.

Can't find something? Talk to your buddy or look through your album. It's there.

Day 6 : Just Chill Chill..

Our everyday routine is full of so many things that it is hard to sit silently, or summarize the day so far, or plan for the next hours. We need to find time to recompose ourselves. So, take a break. Take frequent breaks. Maybe, later today go for a nice long walk with your journal and your buddy. Easy peasy!

DAY 7 : Reflect on this Journey

Revisit these activities, your journal, your photo albums, talk to your buddy. Capture what you liked in this process and how you can do this regularly. It's time to make some of these as part of your routine. Things will get better because you are woking to make them better. Keep going, Champion!

Loved it? Write to us at to get a plan for next 2 weeks

Are you expecting some quick results?

These activities usually benefit when they become part of your routine. These are not any major reformation exercises, just simple tricks to help you feel more in-the-moment and grateful to others as well as yourself. You are already a Hero who deserves care and love. So keep practicing them everyday, stay recharged and keep building your superpowers of self-love and care.