How does this app help me?

The passive and active inputs from the user will help us to assess their mental well-being by comparing their behaviour patterns against our proprietary patient dataset. As a side-benefit, it will help the user track some useful parameters- sleep/mood.

Does the app have a web version or iOS as well?

Version 1 for this app is available for Android and iOS. Whereas, App for Clinicians (called Mannki Clinic) is browser based.

Do I have to keep the internet always on?

No, the internet does not have to be always on for the application to work. When the internet is off, the app keeps accumulating data of your smartphone sensors. Hence it will use some storage space on your smartphone. But once the data is transmitted to our secure servers, the storage space is freed up.

We recommend you to switch on the internet once every day. This would ensure that the data is transmitted to our secure servers. Please make sure that your phone is switched on as much as possible, preferably always. Also, for your mood diary and other journal entries, please ensure that the internet is connected otherwise the app will not be able to store your responses.

How much data is your app going to consume?

The Android App currently consumes less than 50 MB in a day. The iOS App currently does not support passive sensing so it does not consume any data in the background.

Why is app consuming large storage space on my device?

Ideally the app should not take more then 50-100MB storage as the data upload to servers is daily. But there are scenarios where data upload from the smartphone fails and hence there will be increased storage space till the upload succeeds. Incase the upload fails continuously, then app should be reinstalled and app configuration must be corrected. You should reach out to if the app storage crosses 0.5GB in size.

Will the app consume a lot of battery?

We do not expect the app to consume a lot of battery. Our estimate is that it should consume less than 5% of full charge of your phone battery.

I tried installing/using the app but i am getting an error. What should I do?

For technical issues please provide your feedback via this form. We will try to resolve those issues and get in touch as soon as possible.

I see no data in the metrics on the home screen or wellness score. Is my data getting recorded?

If you can see the home screen then your data is being collected in the background. Our team will need a few days of data before it starts showing-up on the Home screen or History tab. You must complete self-assessments and provide inputs to your wellbeing scores regularly so any trend is visible.

How do you ensure security and privacy of data? How are you going to use the collected data?

Protection of user's privacy is of utmost importance for the Mannki team and therefore we will keep all the data captured confidential, with access only to Mannki's research team and to the clinician if there is a clinician assessment involved. The inputs gathered will be analysed for the research and will be processed after being anonymised. We will be taking the consent from the users on the app itself before proceeding with any data collection. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

Can I use two different devices on the same email ID?

We recommend that you use only one device, as that way data quality is maintained and estimation of various parameters (e.g. physical activity) is not affected.

I am getting a 'Failed to submit data' error message. What should i do?

We suggest you to close the application and restart it. This could be because your login has expired and a restart should fix the issue.

For any other question, please email us at